Reviews – Tales from Aulora

Tales from Aulora received the following reviews. Thank you for your feedback, it is great to receive:

This collection of stories was a really different read. It was organized in a way that is reminiscent of Chaucer. With the main characters of Bill and Bob the stories show how complicated a simple wish really is. Every story from helping the village idiot to a love request wish has Bill and Bob fighting those Negativities that would prefer to keep all wishes unfulfilled. It was an interesting read but it does get a bit complicated and at points it can lose the readers interest. Though I felt it was a unique book in its story and organization I thought that the story needed to be a bit more fluid than it was. Overall, the individual stories were okay but in general I felt the stories were a bit too sectionalized and that made for a very slow read.

Posted on by Bookmaven623 in April 2014

Helen Quinn’s “Tales from Aulora” really hit home for me and right from the very start of her novel till the end I felt like being part of Aulora. Helen Quinn is a talented and skillful writer with a creative mind who knows how to keep a story moving: her writing style is powerful, witty, refined and pure and betrays her musical ear for language.

The struggle between the eternal forces of good and evil has affected human beings since they made their appearance on Earth and the power of wishes is the red thread that binds us all in life. Helen Quinn shows a keen understanding of human nature and projects all the emotions, virtues, passions and fears experienced by us into the fantastic, eternal and ethereal world of Aulora, a dimension inhabited by Aulorians, irresistibly funny and exquisitely human creatures that can’t help fulfilling our whimsical wishes.

The episodes that take place in different centuries and locations are inspiring gems tinged with a hue of fairytale that makes them as poignant and enjoyable as some stories by Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm and H.C. Andersen and Helen Quinn masterfully manipulates the actions and thoughts of her characters like an orchestra director, bringing to life a moving symphony of love, sorrow, happiness and universal peace.

Aulorians, please: I wanna read whatever comes next from this author!

Posted on by Roberto Benvento in Oct 2013

I recently picked this book up at a local shop and didn’t put it down until I was done reading it! Whether you are 8 or 88 you will thoroughly enjoy the fun characters, colourful scenery and inspiring story line. A perfect pick-me-up story for when you are feeling down 🙂 Highly highly recommend 🙂

Posted on by Berzak Intaglio in Nov 2013


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