Driving home from the gig

Brenda Drumm came up with the concept of ‘Driving home from the Gig’ as part of her Artyfacts show on KFM. I joined her a couple of times and had the pleasure of seeing some great local theatre and talking about it with her afterwards in ‘Driving home from the Gig’. You can listen to us by clicking on the links below:

The Goat (Who is Sylvia) by Prosperous Dramatic Society (aired on KFM on 8th May 2013).

Brenda and I were blown away and shocked rigid by this play including the powerful story, incredible set design that gives Mad Men a run for their money and the superb acting.

Do Not Disturb by Kildare Youth Theatre (aired on KFM on 5th June 2013)

Kildare Youth Theatre presented a series of mini-plays in two hotel rooms in The Gables during June Fest. These incredible actors highlighted a series of contemporary issues that affect young people. I was deeply moved by the stories which were written by the young people and their powerful performance.


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