Media coverage

Here you will find a mish-mash of interviews and press releases that I had when Tales from Aulora was launched. It was fun doing the interviews and I appreciated all the coverage. Every little bit helps:

On publication day (12th September) I had the pleasure of talking with Simon on the Morning Show of Dublin City FM about the book, leaving school early and going on to 3rd level education as a mature student and the self publishing process for me. You can listen to the interview here.

PS: I touch on my life as a former post woman or as the kids used to call me ‘Post man lady’.

On the eve of the publication of Tales from Aulora (11th September) I talk on Artyfacts with Brenda Drumm about the self publishing process and a detailed overview of Tales from Aulora.

On East Coast FM I talked with Declan Meehan about Tales from Aulora which developed into an interesting conversation about affirmations and the process of wish-making. The interview was aired on Tuesday 27 August 2013.

Vicki Weller wrote a lovely piece about Tales from Aulora entitled ‘A wish come true for debut novelist’ which was published in the Kildare Nationalist on Tuesday 20 August 2013.

Last week I spoke with Paula Campbell of the Leinster Leader about Tales from Aulora and the self publishing process. The interview ‘Newbridge author self-publishes debut novel’ was published in the Leinster Leader on Tuesday 20 August 2013.

This is an interview I did with Clodagh Sheehy in the Evening Herald on Friday 9 August 2013: ‘Helen hopes for a tale of success ten years on

On Artyfacts I give Brenda Drumm an update on the printed and digital publication of Tales from Aulora as well as a brief overview of the self-publishing process. The interview was aired on Wednesday 24 July 2013.


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