I seeheadshot Sep 2014 myself as a writer and a storyteller. I write stories about the human heart and the human condition. They can be in the realm of fantasy like in Tales from Aulora, where the characters yearn for their wishes to come true. Or in the forthcoming collection of short stories due for release in late Autumn entitled Gems in the darkness. These stories touch upon our shadow shelves and are darkly funny and darkly tragic.

I don’t know why I like writing. It is a tough vocation. It pays very little money, the ego is on the floor half the time and yet I continue to write. The truth is writing is and always was deep down a meditation for me. I get lost in words, my characters speak to me and I take diction and in that space I am in no mind. I feel joy in that space. It doesn’t matter what is happening out there. There is a richness going on within. That is why I write.

Aside from writing (and life in general) I meditate. The type of meditation that I am drawn to are Osho meditations. They are active based meditations whereby you do some physical activity which allows you to drop into silence much easier. They are techniques to help you reach that no mind. That spacious place of joy, silence and beauty.

At times the meditations take over the writing and this website becomes quiet but when the creativity rises I come back to words and writing.

So what other random things can I share about myself with you?

I am the co-ordinator of Osho Dublin, a group that meets up once a week to share an Osho based meditations. If you want to find out more visit

I left school at 15 without any qualifications and in 2005 went to UCD to study English literature for my BA and Anglo-Irish literature for my MA. I got the opportunity to read tons of incredible books for four years. It went by too quickly.

I work full time. I try to turn everything into meditation. I eat maltersers like a hamster, shoving them into my cheeks as the chocolate and honeycomb melts in my mouth and I rarely drink black tea these days.  I used to be a teaholic.

I touch lots of trees and feel most joyous in nature: in a forest, by the sea or up a mountain. I no longer have a TV but do use Netflix – is it me or has TV drama seriously upped its game? Games of Thrones anyone? Or how about Sense8? House of Cards? I could go on but art in all its forms is undergoing radical change.

I live in Dublin with my son and a black and white cat called Mystery.



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