Why I love OSHO Dynamic Meditation

The title may be misleading because when I am in the OSHO Dynamic meditation, sometimes I fucking hate it…more accurately my mind hates it.

For much of my life, and this awareness only came today (14/10/17), my mind has kicked in when I have experienced pain or trauma and it has numbed me so that I do not feel or experience what is happening in that moment. It was in fairness, a beautiful tactic at the time, it was needed. This is not the case in my adult life. It has stopped or hindered me from fully feeling, fully experiencing.

So despite the experience of pain or intense emotions arising or feeling like I am going to die in the third stage, I love OSHO Dynamic Meditation. Each and every time I do and share this meditation I experience transformation. I receive nuggets or in the case of today, a gold mine, in terms of awareness and insights. Stuff that I had buried so deeply but stuff that kept me stuck, unable to flow.

When I was in the OSHO Centre in Pune in 2017 I took a walk in Teerth Park, it was just before the rainy season. The land was dry and the river was almost empty. I climbed some rocks and I came across pools of water that were stinking and fetid. It was significant to me. It was a visual reminder that when I hold back, or control my energy it becomes a stagnant pool of festering water. It is no longer a river of energy that is flowing. It remains stuck.

I love OSHO Dynamic meditation because for that hour or there afterwards I become a flowing river of water, I force the stagnant pools within me to erupt and empty out within me.

Curious about OSHO Dynamic Meditation? Check out the video below.

Want to join me in this beautiful, transformative meditation? Check out the schedule of meditations on Osho Ireland.


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