30 quotes from Tales from Aulora over 30 days starting 1st September 2016


Tales from APrologue Tales from Auloraulora was published three years ago and to date I have done very little marketing or promotion since it was officially launched. There are a number of reasons for this but the biggest one has been fear. Years prior, when the book was in its draft stage, I asked a friend to look at it and help with the editing. She was a very literate reader. I sensed that the style and the story would not appeal to her so I never asked her views on it. She gave me back the manuscript with her comments, however, one evening she could not resist telling me that it is very naive. I felt shame and I stopped writing for a long time but Bill and Bob kept nagging at me to finish their story. I did complete their story but still I carried an undercurrent of shame and fear. Aside from the initial launch, I did very little to promote this quirky, innocent and beautiful collection of tales until recently when I received one of those awakening moments.

My experience of writing has led me to the conclusion that something of the writer goes into the book. Yes I took diction from Bill, Bob, Quirinus and all the other characters from Aulora and Earth, but an essence of me went into the book.

When the awakening moment arrived to me recently, I saw that throughout my life I have struggled to be political. I don’t mean voting or avidly following politics, but political in the cunning sense. I have failed miserably at being cunning and political and I have suffered because of it yet I am profoundly grateful for this. I would never have been able to participate and share OSHO active meditations or receive what Osho shares with me and others or to experience bliss. When I came across the below quote, I saw that I carried a lot of shame for being innocent:

“Innocence is there, you have simply forgotten it – you have been made to forget it. Society is cunning. For centuries man has learned that you can survive in this society only if you are cunning; the more cunning you are, the more successful you will be. That’s the whole game of politics: be cunning, be more cunning than others. It is a constant struggle and competition as to who can be more cunning. Whosoever is more cunning is going to succeed, is going to be powerful. After centuries of cunningness man has learned one thing: that to remain innocent is dangerous, you will not be able to survive. Hence parents try to drive their children out of their innocence” – Osho – The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 12

Enough people have attempted to drive this quality out of me through a variety of methods and they failed miserably. I tried eradicating it from me so that I would fit in and conform. Thankfully a deeper part of me held on to this quality despite my efforts to hide and repress it.

Only it popped out in Tales from Aulora and I am very glad. This collection of tales on wish-making is a deeply spiritual book. It shows through fictional characters how our desires can be manifested. It uncovers how energy works and how positive and negative energy impacts us. It touches upon the human aura and the colours that we emit. I drew my research on auras from an incredible text called The Human Aura by Swami Panchadasi – which was originally written in 1912. It is a fascinating read.

I am proud that I was chosen to tell the story of Tales from Aulora. I am grateful I carry a quality of innocence and it weaved its way into this collection of tales.

I am proud to promote this book that came through me and to celebrate its third year in publication, I will be sharing a daily quote from Tales from Aulora on this website and through various social media channels.  30 quotes over 30 days starting on the 1st of September.

Of course if you cannot wait until then you can buy the book here – Smashwords have all the available formats, it is cheaper than the Amazon version (for some reason they keep changing my prices) and I receive more royalties from them but you can also buy it on Amazon too.

Happy wish making

Anand Helen


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