Life is a process; a verb not a noun

And it is very important to remember, as far as Buddha is concerned, that he did not believe in nouns, he believed in verbs. He says the noun is only a convenience. In fact, in reality nouns don’t exist only verbs. When you say, ‘this is a tree’, your statement is linguistically acceptable but not existentially, because by the time  you said, “This is a tree” it is no longer the same tree – one dead leaf has fallen, one new leaf has started coming up, the bud has opened. The bird that was singing on the tree is no longer singing. The sun that was shining on the tree is hidden behind a cloud […] A tree, to be true, should be called “treeing” not a tree. A river should be called “rivering” not a river. Everything is growing, moving, eveything is in a flux.

Osho – The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 3

I work full time in Dublin. Every day when I go to work or go into Dublin I take a shortcut, a lane that is carved out by many walkers seeking a shortcut to save time and leg power. For me there is something magical in this walk. I felt it from the first time I found it. For three years I have been tracing and retracing this path to and from Newbridge train station. Every day I step into a new landscape. It is a process. I see and experience that life is a verb, a happening, a doing, a process. That each time I look at the sky, or the trees or hear the birds that it is new, that it keeps changing. That nothing stays static. Nouns relate to static things: person, place, thing. Yet to look at these noun things, in reality they are verbs, they change from moment to moment. I find that when I look at life as a verb I am surrounded by change, by magic, by happening. It is profound, it is exciting, it is scary, it is unknown and in the mystery, it is beautiful.

Today I took some pictures of the walk I take each day. Tomorrow it will be different again and the day after it will be different again. Life is a process and as I experience each new thing, I too become different moment by moment.

With love

Anand Helen

20160611_210713 20160611_210718 20160611_210731 20160611_210747 20160611_210816 20160611_210824 20160611_210849 20160611_210931 20160611_210938

June 2016 to Newbridge station




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