Relating with Osho – Choosing Sannyas

When I was in Pune at the OSHO Meditation Resort centre, I had planned to find a suitable sannyasin name but couldn’t find one. Somehow I knew I wanted to keep the name Helen but something was missing. I experienced rebirth in Pune and when I came home to Ireland, Bhairavi who has shared my journeying and relating with Osho and his meditations since I started three years ago, named me. It felt right when she named me Anand Helen. Anand means bliss.

So what does sannyas mean? It means a leap into the unknown but I always feel Osho says it so much better so I will share one of his quotes that accurately describes my chosen path of sannyas:

We have to start a new human being. A totally new vision of life has to begin: the life of surrender, the life of let-go. Be in tune with nature; there is no need to fight. Be in tune with other people; there is no need to be ambitious. And be in absolute tune with yourself. Don’t divide yourself, don’t’ become schizophrenic; remain one, integrated, individual. And that’s what sannyas is all about: a different lifestyle the lifestyle of let-go.

Darshan Diaries, Don’t Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself

So now my chosen journey is one of awareness, of bringing together the fragmented parts of myself to become whole, to be in unity and to let go, surrender to Existence and not what I want and often demand.

With much love

Anand Helen



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