Valentine’s reclaimed – a short story

I wrote this Valentine’s story a few years ago. It opens with a 40 year old single woman working in a relatively large office full of women. She feels cut off from them as they talk about what they are doing for Valentine’s day. She quietly observes flowers being delivered and one woman in particular cannot resist boasting to her and dropping the odd snide remark because she is single and divorced. In response she decides to reclaim Valentine’s day for herself. She celebrates it by cooking a nice meal, buying flowers and chocolates and reminiscing on her first love, the only person who ever gave her a valentine card.

The story is loosely auto-biographical. I don’t work in an office full of women who boast or pass snide remarks thankfully, although I have been the recipient of past cattiness, who here hasn’t?

I do celebrate Valentine’s in my own way, whether I am single or with someone. The latter half of the story is based around my first love. I fell in love with him when I was fourteen and the summer of 1985 was the best summer of my life to date. His name was Dermot and this story is in memory of him. I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Reclaimed. To hear it just click on the card. If you enjoy please let me know by dropping a comment below.

Valentine image


Happy Valentine’s Day




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