The most versatile word in the world

There are two constants in my life. One has been around since I was a kid, the other has been since last year. My constants are words / writing and active meditations created by Osho.

I have loved words in books since I could read, which is a lifetime at this stage. Words are plastic, flexible and some can be moulded into a variety of scenarios.

In the last year I have been actively participating in Osho meditations via a brilliant meetup group based in Dublin called Oshoversity. I have been a fan of Osho’s writings / works since 2007.

Today I discovered the constants of my life merged. Osho talks about the most versatile word in the English language. It expresses a variety of emotions. It can be used as a verb, both transitive and intransitive, or a noun. It can be used as a greeting or a warning. I believe Osho explains it much better than I do.

If you are offended by the word fuck it is probably best to click on.


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