How I discovered wish making

It was the 31st of December 1999, the eve of the millennium. I was living in a rented two bedroom terraced cottage in Co. Wicklow. Upstairs my two year old son was sleeping soundly. The TV was on to muffle the sound of my crying. In the previous eighteen months I had gone through a painful divorce, moved from the UK back to Ireland and started counselling. I was heart sore, lonely and scared for the future. I was twenty eight. As the countdown towards the New Year began I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down all my dreams, my losses and what I wanted for the future. It was, despite my grief, a life changing moment.

A year later on New Year’s Eve I found that piece of paper with all the longings of my heart scribbled on it. My mouth dropped open as I scanned it. Just about every single thing I wished for came true. I had wanted to meet like minded people who didn’t make me feel like I came from planet Zod and I wanted to meet someone special who set me on fire. These had happened. The man I was with then was downstairs and had a big impact on my life. He got me writing for a start even if he did not end up being the man of my dreams. He helped me create my own dreams.

So I started a tradition. Each year as the countdown begins for the New Year I write out my intentions / wishes for the forthcoming year. For example in 2001 I wanted to start writing. I completed the first draft of Tales from Aulora. Ironically in the same year I came across Scott Adam’s The Dilbert Future which put into words my experience and provided the genesis for Tales from Aulora long before The Secret came out.

I should add a caveat, not everything has come true for me, but about 80% of what I have wished for has come true. Sometimes what I wished for was literally granted, the universe gave me exactly what I asked for. Problem was it wasn’t how I had imagined it to happen so the old adage ‘be careful of what you wish for’ does apply.

Last year I wished to be published. Little did I realise that I was going to self publish Tales from Aulora but events in March 2013 led me to make that decision which you can read about here.

When I make my New Year’s Eve wishes / intentions I also like to review the year that has passed. For me 2013 has been an amazing year. I have realised my dream in being published, it has been hard but I have learned so much. It has been a successful year for me in terms of my personal growth, the amazing friends I have made and the fun I have had this year.

So I hope you will join me tonight as midnight draws near and enter the realm of wish-making. There is no format, just really want it and hide the piece of paper away and forget about it until next New Years Eve. Take it out then and see how much came true.

If you are curious about where wishes go then download / sample Tales from Aulora and enter the world of wish-making to read about how Bill and Bob make wishes come true.

Happy Wish-making & Best wishes for 2014




3 comments on “How I discovered wish making

  1. Eileen Keane says:

    Just got the book on Kindle Helen and you have inspired me to take some time to draw up my wish list for 2014. One good thing about being stuck in bed with a cold…

  2. eileenkeane says:

    Just got the book Helen and you have inspired me to start on my 2014 wishlist. one consolation of being stuck in bed sick on New Years eve. Hope 2014 is everything you want it to be.

  3. Thank you so much for buying a copy Eileen, I hope it detracts you from your cold. We have just a couple of hours to set out our new year intentions / wishes. Shall we compare notes on New Years Eve 2014?

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