Oyster: the netflix for books

Since Tales from Aulora is available on Smashwords I get all their lovely updates and the benefits from their distribution partnerships with Sony, Kobo, Apple bookstore, Barnes and Noble  and so forth. This month Smashwords formalised their partnership with Oyster which offers a new way of experiencing books.

library of booksIt works similar to Netflix or Spotify whereby said customer pays $9.95 and has access to over 100,000 books. You don’t own them but you do get to sample the books. Soon readers will be able to access the secret world of wish-making when Tales from Aulora is added. So unless you are a Kim Peek who could read two pages in 10 seconds, it will take you some time to get through all those books but the beauty of Oyster is that you can sample books or read a book without having to own it or have the attendant storage issues of books clogging up shelf space or floor space or any other space. Yet if you sample a book and discover that it is a forever book (we all have those) then you can go out and buy knowing it is has a right to remain on your shelf space.

When I read about the Oyster model I was both impressed and slightly awed at how far things have come on since the first draft of Tales from Aulora was completed in 2001. In those days, not that long ago, there was the internet but the only file sharing site then was Napster, which was illicit, illegal and oh so much fun as I wrote away to a library full of songs.

napster logo

Napster was shut down but it transformed the music industry when a legitimate way of downloading songs was found via apple and the itunes store, heck even Napster are legit these days. This in turn led on to filesharing of films via Netflix et el and now it has arrived with books via Oyster.

It is exciting times. So if you sign up with Oyster make sure you give Tales from Aulora a visit, it will be hitting their virtual shelves any day now.


2 comments on “Oyster: the netflix for books

  1. Free Games says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >Oyster: the netflix for books Helen Quinn
    <Liked it!

  2. Very welcome Free Games

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