Seven day book give-away: Get ReTweeting

To celebrate the seven day countdown to the official launch of Tales from Aulora I have created a twitter competition. Starting from tomorrow (5th September) I will be sending out a tweet from the @talesfromaulora account which will open with Day 1: RT to win a copy of #talesfromaulora and this will be followed by a succinct quote from the book.

So how do you get your hands on a free copy of the book that unveils the secret world of wish-making? First follow @talesfromaulora and look out for the tweet that starts with Day 1 or Day 2 until the final Day 7 tweet and Retweet it. That’s it.

Each evening I will put all the twitter names in a hat, let Mystery our cat stick her paw in and help her pick out the winning name. I will contact the winner via twitter and tell them the good news. Hopefully that someone will be you.

All the winners twitter handles will be listed here each day as well so get ReTweeting and may the wish-making be ever in your favour.



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