The genesis of Tales from Aulora

Last week in an interview with the Evening Herald, Clodagh Sheehy asked what inspired me to write Tales from Aulora.  I told her I had read about affirmations, which in turn sparked my first visual image of Bill and Bob receiving a request (that’s a wish to you and I).

When I had that first image of Bill and Bob in the spring of 2000, I saw them looking at the request and wondering how they were going to grant it as it ended up being a complicated love request. This image became the final story in Tales from Aulora called ‘A Tale of Joy’ whereby Sinead, who is the requestee, wishes for a particular boy that she likes to ask her out, however, Bill and Bob are unable to grant it so they have to offer her an alternative love interest.

What I didn’t share with Clodagh was the book that inspired me to think about wish-making and affirmations so I want to publicly thank Scott Adams. Yes,  he of the Dilbert comic strips and not some new-age best-selling author. In his book The Dilbert Future, apart from rolling around on the floor giggling my ass off,  I read his thought experiments in the final section where he talks about affirmations. To do these you write down 15 times a day what you would like to happen e.g: I, Joe Bloggs, will win the booker prize’. The knack is he notes is to be specific, that it doesn’t require faith and it doesn’t matter if you write it on paper, type it, etc.

Adams tried it out himself and was amazed at the number of coincidences when he first started them and discovered they worked. He started small and worked his way up to making the world’s most successful cartoon, which in 1996 he achieved through the Dilbert books.  When I read his experience, his almost scientific, no-nonsense approach to affirmations I was hooked and I felt on a gut level he was right. From those squiggles on a page, to that first image of Bill and Bob, Tales from Aulora was conceived and over ten years later the book is now born so thanks Scott Adams.

Ps: For another wonderful mind bending but profound book of his, read God’s Debris, I love it which interestingly enough was probably one of the first e-books as he first sold it that way back in 2000 / 2001 (I can’t fully remember).


2 comments on “The genesis of Tales from Aulora

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