WriTeen Scene get flashy with the fiction

Paying homage to National Flash Fiction day, we at WriTeen Scene are getting  flashy with the fiction on Saturday 22nd June. The WriTeen Sceners will discover their inner brevity when they pen together their short, short, fiction pieces.

Flash Fiction sign

Flash fiction is gaining popularity as more and more people read stories on the move via mobiles, tablets and e-readers on the train, waiting in a cafe or killing time in a queue. It is a fantastic genre for giving you that moment of wow, laughter or sting in the tale.  Last year I wrote a flash fiction piece called Mind the Gap with an unexpected twist at the end.

WriTeen Scene will be celebrating its second birthday this Saturday as well, we had our first get together in June 2011 so wish us a happy birthday via our social media page.

In amongst the flash fiction writing, we managed to squeeze in some lovely cake.

Writeen scene second birthday

Brenda Drumm and Helen Quinn


2 comments on “WriTeen Scene get flashy with the fiction

  1. John MacKenna says:

    A fashion …a fad… but is it worthwhile, I wonder? Seems like a passing trend to me…one that’s been resurrected….it’s not new….just some thoughts. Well done on the new blog

    • It’s true that it’s been around for quite a while but I believe its resurgence is down to the internet where people still want stories but they don’t want to sit down to a book.

      I believe flash fiction can be worthwhile just like any other genre if it is worked at and not treated in a lazy fashion. It can have the capacity to linger around like Hemmingway’s famous short, short story although I fear it will be done to death at this stage and lose its potency as I see those six words everywhere.

      I’m glad you like the blog, I am still grappling with using it.

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